1st International Workshop on Next-Generation Operating Systems for Cyber-Physical Systems

At NGOSCPS, I presented our workshop paper on the distributed systems primitives that embedded operating systems need to support. The focus was on the factors that are causing multi-microcontroller platforms to exist as a design pattern, and the challenges that those designs face. The talk (and paper) then proposes several primitives that the OS should provide to support these systems and discusses how these needs differ from traditional distributed systems.



5th International Workshop on Energy Harvesting and Energy-Neutral Sensing Systems

At ENSsys I presented our workshop paper on multi-tenant energy-harvesting systems, and the abstractions necessary to enable them. The primary requirement is isolation, which can allow systems to sanely budget their own energy allocation without having to account for the usage of other applications. The talk included a discussion with members of the community about what challenges future multi-tenant systems will face, and what directions future community research should go.



2nd International Workshop on Energy Neutral Sensing Systems

At ENSsys I presented the work on Thermes, our thermoelectric energy-harvesting water meter. The presentation looked at Thermes as a member of the Monjolo family and the challenges that make thermoelectric energy harvesting unique.


8th USENIX Workshop on Offensive Technologies

At WOOT I presented on the Green Lights Forever paper which was accepted at the workshop. The presentation was an overview of our work investigating the security of intelligent traffic light systems.

[presentation] [video]


JPL Cubesat Symposium

The Cubesat Symposium is a yearly event at JPL where students and full-time employees have the chance to describe their current projects in small satellites. I gave a short presentation on the Oculus-ASR satellite which I worked on during my undergrad at Michigan Tech.